Mission Statement

ww2timelines.com is a multi-year project that seeks to present an in depth look at the events that led up to, happened during, and immediately followed World War 2. The project was conceived after noticing that existing timelines on the World Wide Web fell into two categories. The first was day by day timelines that only reported the most important events of any day - the headlines as it were. The second are timelines that are more detailed but are restricted to a single subject. ww2timelines.com main purpose is to present all events (not just the headlines) in a day by day format. A byproduct of the research done is that more complete timelines that are restricted to a single subject can be constructed. The timeline for the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in 1942 is an example.

ww2timelines.com uses a variety of sources. From the internet are existing timelines and articles on subjects. Also used are traditional books, magazines, and newspaper articles. An entry onto ww2timelines.com has been verified by at least two sources that are considered to be trustworthy. Entries on other timelines have been found to have incorrect dates or to be unverifiable. The use of multiple sources has allowed entries on ww2timelines.com to expand on the information provided to the reader.

ww2timelines.com is divided into two main sections: the day by day entries and the single subject timelines. Also included is an abridged encyclopedia to allow readers to get brief quick facts about a person, event, or entity that they may not have encountered before. An index section to other resources provided.

There is no ultimate timeframe for ww2timelines.com although the master plan calls for a commitment of ten years. Entries will be added on a nearly daily basis so that the scope of the website is continually increasing. We ask that the reader takes this into account.

The objective of WW2Timelines.com is to provide a day by day account of the events that lead up to and were part of the greatest conflict known to mankind. There are accounts for the activities of each particular day and timelines for subjects and personalities. It is the of this website intent to provide an unbiased account of the war. Analysis, effects caused by an event, or prior or subsequent pertinent events are presented separately and indicated as text that is italicized.

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