Events occurring on Saturday, August 31, 1929  
  First World War Reparations & Debts  
  The first session of the Hague Conference on Reparations ended. The conference was attended by representatives of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, and Yugoslavia. During the conference a struggle broke out between Great Britain and France over three questions: the distribution of the so-called unconditional part of the reparation payments - that is, the part not subject to postponement; deliveries in kind (Great Britain demanded their reduction in the interest of increasing its own exports, especially coal); and the percentage distribution of the total sum of the reparation payments among the creditor nations. The United States did not officially participate in the conference. The U.S., however, having proposed the Young Plan, successfully exerted pressure on the participants in the conference for adoption of the Young plan. As a result of secret negotiations among the main participants at the conference, a protocol approving the Young Plan in principle was signed on August 31, 1929. The final confirmation of the Young Plan took place at the second session of the conference in January 1930.  
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