Events occurring on Tuesday, July 2, 1929  
  Inside the Japanese Empire  
  Prime Minister Tanaka Giichi and his cabinet resigned en masse over the handling of the assassination of the Fengtian warlord Zhang Zuolin (the Old Marshall) on June 4, 1928. Tanaka had argued that that the officers responsible should be publicly court-martialed for homicide but the military establishment insisted on covering up the facts of the incident, which remained an official secret. Tanaka had come under increasing criticism in the Diet and from Emperor Hirohito himself. The involvement of the Emperor was a first in the history of Japanese constitutional politics. Hard-liners in the army and navy as well as nationalists were infuriated, describing it as a "conspiracy by the Imperial Palace." Later, Hirohito would recall that "After this incident, I decided to approve all things reported by the cabinet, even if I held an opposing opinion."  
  Hamaguchi Osachi of the Minseito (Constitutional Democratic) Party formed a new Cabinet.  
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