Events occurring on Tuesday, November 12, 1929  
  First World War Reparations & Debts  
  The committee to elaborate the structure and statutes of the international bank - named Bank for International Settlements - ended its meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. When the meetings concluded on November 13 the BIS would begin operations in Basle, Switzerland. Per the terms of the Young Plan, the German government agreed to make their reparations payments through the BIS for distribution to the Allied governments.  
  The Middle East Before WW2  
  The Commission on the Palestine Disturbances of August 1929 or Shaw Commission continued taking public evidence. The Shaw Commission was British Commission of Inquiry formed to look into the reasons for the violent rioting in Palestine in late August 1929. The committee would hear 120 witnesses in public testimony, and 20 behind closed doors from October 25 to December 29 and issue a report on March 31, 1930.  
  November 1929 Calendar  
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