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  Summary of Significant Events for February 1931  
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  Events in the United Kingdom  
  Liberal MP Sir Donald Maclean of the House of Commons proposed the creation of a committee to study how the government should best spend its revenues due to conditions created by the Great Depression. The resolution was passed by the House of Commons and was accepted by the Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Snowden, who set up the Committee chaired by Sir George May and composed of 2 members each from the Liberal, Conservative, and Labour parties. The committee would issue a controversial report on July 31, 1931.  
  Persia (Iraq) Before WW2  
  The Persian government took over control of the telegraph lines in Persia (Iraq) of the Indo-European Telegraph Company. At the same time, the Persian government imposed more rigid control over all foreign trade, although private enterprise was still permitted.  

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