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  Summary of Significant Events for June 1931  
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  The Nakamura Incident  
  Early June 1931  
  Captain Nakamura Shintaro secured travel permits from the Chinese government in Harbin. Nakamura used a false name and declared that the onject of the trip was to make an agricultural survey.  
  Mid-June 1931  
  Captain Nakamura Shintaro, accompanied by Nobutaro Isugi, a retired Japanese army sergeant, a Mongolian and a Russian interpreter left Pokotu on the Chinese Eastern Railway. The Nakamura party would travel incognito, in civilian dress, and Nakamura represented himself as an "agricultural expert". Nakamura would make stops along the Chinese Eastern Railway, at Manchuli, Tsitsihar, Angangehi, and Hailar taking notes. The party would be arrested on June 27 and executed on July 1 as spies. The Chinese believed the Nakamura party was looking to find water sources and places for encampment for future Japanese military operations in northwest Manchuria. The execution of the Nakamura party on July would spark a international incident between Japan and China.  
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