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  The Sino-Japanese Conflict  
  Kwantung Army Colonel Itagaki Seishiro and Lt. Colonel Ishiwara Kanji had devised a plan to invade Manchuria. Ishiwara presented the plan at the Imperial General Headquarters in Tokyo, and it was approved to be launched, but only following a major incident started by the Chinese. However Japanese Foreign Minister Shidehara Kijuro persuaded Japanese Minister of War Minami Jiro to dispatched Major General Tatekawa Yoshitsugu to Manchuria for the specific purpose of curbing the insubordination and militarist behavior of the Kwantung Army. Itagaki and Ishiwara knew that they could no longer wait for the Chinese to respond to provocations, but had to stage an incident. Itagaki and Ishiwara chose to sabotage a rail section owned by Japan's South Manchuria Railway near the barracks of the 7th Chinese Brigade at Beidaying. See September 18 for further information.  

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