Calendar and Summary for December 1933  
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  Summary of Significant Events for December 1933  
  Events occurring in December 1933 with no specific dates  
  Hungary Before WW2  
  Hungarian Premier Julius Goemboes rejected the Franco-Czech plan for a Danubian Federation which would have checked Hungarian territorial claims plans in Central Europe.  
  The Luftwaffe  
  German flying ace was Ernst Udets demonstrated the Curtiss Hawk to a a commission from Berlin at the Reichlin test center, a branch of the new Luftwaffe Technical Office. Udets demonstrated 4 steep dives which sapped his strength to the point that he couldn’t get out of the cockpit unaided. Erhard Milch, the State Secretary of the Reich Aviation Ministry would pronounce the aircraft as unsuitable for the Luftwaffe.  
  The Middle East Before WW2  
  Jewish protests in Palestine against British immigration restrictions resulted in rioting.  

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