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  Summary of Significant Events for June 1933  
  Events occurring in June 1933 with no specific dates  
   International Relations  
  The governments of Britain, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania were unable to make full war debt payments to the United States and offered symbolic token payments instead. The global depression undermined these countries' ability to meet their debt obligation. The U.S. Congress planned action to punish governments which reneged on their war debts.  
  Continued friction between the Italian and Albanian governments led Albania to close Italian schools in the kingdom.  
  Egypt Before WW2  
  Waves of anti-missionary and anti-Christian rioting erupted in Egypt, which led to the formation of the Committee for the Defense of Islam.  
  The Luftwaffe  
  Twenty-five members of both houses of the British Parliament went on a flying tour of Germany during the Whitsuntide. Their German hosts showed then glider clubs and empty factories and took great pains to explain that aircraft rearmament was out of the question.  
  Adolph Hitler  
  Adolph Hitler purchased the Haus Wachenfeld, the modest vacation villa next door to the Gasthof zum Türken on the Obersalzberg above Berchtesgaden. The Haus Wachenfeld was a holiday home built in 1916 by Otto Winter, a businessman from Buxtehude. Hitler had been renting the villa from Winter’s widow for 100 marks ($25) per month. It was here that Hitler finished writing Mein Kampf. Hitler bought the home with the proceeds of Mein Kampf and would rebuild it into the large and lavish compound known as the Berghof.  

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