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  Inoue Nissho and the Ketsumeidan (League of Blood) assassins were sentenced to life imprisonment. The rest of the arrested group members were given lighter sentences. Inoue, a Buddhist priest, was the leader of the ultranationalist group. Each member of the group pledged to kill at least one wealthy businessman and liberal politician on or about February 11, 1932, the 2,592 celebration of the ascension to the throne of the first Emperor of Japan. Twenty victims were targeted but only former Finance Minister and head of the Rikken Minseito, Junnosuke Inoue (on February 9, 1932) and Director-General of Mitsui Holding Company, Dan Takuma (on March 5, 1932) would become actual victims. Inoue was later granted amnesty and released from prison on October 17, 1940.  

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