Events occurring on Thursday, July 8, 1937  
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  The Peel Commission recommended the end of the Palestine mandate and its division into separate Arab and Jewish states; the commissioners concluded that the Arabs and Jews would not be able to settle their differences. Under the scheme, Palestine would be divided into three new administrative units. A Jewish state, consisting of one-third of the mandate, would include the coastal region from the northern boundary with Syria, south to Jaffia and would consist of 300,000 Jews and 290, 000 Arabs (most of the land would be held by Arabs). The British would maintain a mandate over Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and a corridor to the sea along the railway line between Jaffia and Jerusalem. The remainder of the Palestine mandate would be an Arab state and united with Transjordan. Although accepted by the World Zionist Congress, the British Parliament refused to commit the government to this plan and Arab and Jewish criticism forced the British government to reconsider the scheme.  
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