Events occurring on Friday, July 9, 1937  
  Events in the United States  
  The U.S. Congress passed the Pitman Act which permitted the U.S. Treasury to exchange Chinese silver dollars for American gold. This exchange provided the Chinese government with greater access to foreign credit which allowed the Chinese army to purchase critical military supplies.  
  The Middle East Before WW2  
  The governments of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan signed a non-aggression pact in Teheran, Iran which established an Islamic entente to counter international tensions. This Islamic front offered the participating states an effective deterrent to the imperialistic designs of the European powers in the Middle East. The agreement secured the Asiatic region of Turkey as the Balkan Pact protected European Turkey (Thrace). Turkey was recognized as the crucial force for peace in Eastern Europe and its prestige bolstered this Asiatic pact.  
  July 1937 Calendar  
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