Calendar and Summary for June 1939  
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  Summary of Significant Events for June 1939  
  Prince Paul, the Regent of Yugoslavia, paid a state visit to Berlin where German Chancellor Adolf Hitler guaranteed the inviolability of Yugoslavia's borders.  The HMS Thetis (N 25) sank during final diving trials.  The Italian government provided the Albania with a new constitution, which established a Superior Fascist Corporative Council.  The Latvian and Estonian governments decided to accept a mutual non-aggression pact with Germany.  King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited the United States in the first ever visit by a reigning British monarch to the country.  Fifty native Indian states rejected a British plan to establish India as a federation.  In violation of international conventions, the Japanese imposed a blockade on the Chinese port of Tientsin, a British treaty port.  The Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish governments rejected an offer from the German government to negotiate a mutual non-aggression pact.  The Danish government accepted the offer.  The French and Turkish governments concluded a mutual assistance treaty in which the French gave up all claims to the Republic of Hatay.  The Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) of the RAF was formed.  
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