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  Summary of Significant Events for May 1939  
  The Soviet government suddenly dismissed Maxim Litvinov after 18 years of service and appointed Premier Vyacheslav Molotov as the new Commissar for Foreign Affairs.  The Hungarian government introduced a series of drastic anti-Semitic laws.  Prime Minister Kiichiro Hiranuma sent a message to German Chancellor Adolf Hitler that expressed admiration for Hitler's work in Germany and said he was working on Japan's "New Order in East Asia."  The Battle of Khalkhin Gol, known by the Japanese as the “Nomonhan Incident,” began when Mongolian horsemen and Manchukuoan troops exchanged shots.  The British and Turkish governments announced a mutual aid agreement in the event of aggression or war.  The German government offered bilateral, non-aggression pacts with the Scandinavian and Baltic states. The Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish governments rejected the proposal, basing their decisions on a policy of strict neutrality. The Danish, Estonia, and Latvian governments accepted the German proposal.  The British government published a new plan for the future of Palestine, after negotiations collapsed with Arab and Jewish leaders.  The new Soviet Foreign Minister, Vyacheslav Molotov told the German ambassador in Moscow, Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburg, that he no longer wanted to discuss only economic matters, and that it was necessary to establish a "political basis."  In Berlin, Germany and Italy signed the ten-year political and military alliance commonly known as “The Pact of Steel.”  Hitler told a secret gathering of 14 senior officers that the shedding of blood is inevitable and explained why Germany must attack Poland, and Britain and France if necessary.  U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull recommended to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee a revision of the Neutrality Act to allow the sale of arms to belligerent states.  
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