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  Summary of Significant Events for October 1939  
  The Declaration of Panama was approved creating a 300 mile neutrality zone off the American coast to be patrolled by the U.S. Navy.  The German government notified the United States that all merchant ships must submit to visit and search.  The British 1st Corps of the British Expeditionary Force took over responsibility for a section of the Franco-Belgian frontier.  The Soviet-Latvia Pact of Mutual Assistance allowed the Soviets to station 25,000 men at bases in Latvia.  German Chancellor Adolf Hitler toured the conquered capital of Warsaw.  Hitler appealed for peace in Europe in a major speech to the Reichstag in Berlin.  The Battle of Kock is ended as Major General Franciszek Kleeberg and the last remnants of the Polish Army surrendered to German forces.  Chinese forces repelled Japanese forces to win the First Battle of Changsha.  Germany formerly annexed western Poland.  Finland began mobilizing its armed forces in response to Soviet threats.  The Soviet- Lithuania Pact of Mutual Assistance allowed the Soviets to station 20,000 men at bases in Lithuania.  Grand Admiral Erich Raeder suggested to Hitler the possibility of invading Norway.  First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill argued to the British Cabinet in favor of mining the coastal waters of Norway.  The deportation of Jews from occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia to occupied Poland began.  The first Soviet forces enter Estonia and the Baltic Germans began leaving.  The U-47 penetrated Britain’s Home Fleet base at Scapa Flow’s defenses and sank the HMS Royal Oak.  A 15year Anglo-French-Turkish Treaty of Mutual Assistance was signed in Ankara, Turkey.  The German High Command issued Fall Gelb (Case Yellow) in response to Hitler's Directive No. 6.  Hans Frank was appointed Governor-General of the General Government for the occupied Polish territories.  34 ships (185,305 tons) were sunk or captured and 3 ships (22,328 tons) were damaged by U-boats and mines during October 1939.  
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