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  Summary of Significant Events for September 1939  
  Germany initiated the operation code named Fall Weiss and invades Poland without a declaration of war.  The Italian government called for a conference between Germany, Italy, Britain, France, and Poland to address the Danzig-Polish crisis.  The British government announced the implementation of a naval blockade of Germany.  Great Britain and France declared war on Germany.  The Battle of the Atlantic began with the sinking of the passenger ship Athenia by the U-3. A total of 11 French divisions crossed the frontier into Germany against little opposition.  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed a national emergency.  The Battle of the Bzura River was fought between the Poles and Germany’s Army Group South.  The siege of Warsaw, Poland began.  The Red Army invaded across the entire 800 mile eastern frontier of Poland along the entire 800 mile border.  Britain and France vowed to keep fighting in response to recent peace offerings by Hitler.  Roosevelt addressed a special joint session of Congress and urged the repeal of certain Neutrality Act provisions. Romanian Prime Minister Armand Calinescu was assassinated by members of the Iron Guard.  The Red Army captured Lvov, Poland.  Warsaw capitulated after 26 days of bombardment and 11 days of siege.  Germany and the Soviet Union renegotiated the partition of Poland and the Baltic States.  The Soviet Union and Estonia signed a 10year mutual assistance pact giving the Soviet Union air bases and military rights in Estonia. The fortress of Modlin in Poland surrendered to the Germans after an 18-day siege.  The Polish Government-in-exile was formed in Paris.  The German pocket battleship Graf Spee sank its first merchant steamer.  Germany notified Britain that armed merchant ships would be treated like warships and sunk without warning.  50 ships (200,728 tons) were sunk or captured and 3 ships (17,446 tons) were damaged by U-boats and mines during September 1939.  
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