Events occurring on Tuesday, April 9, 1940  
  Operation Weserübung - The German Invasion of Norway and Denmark  
  Germany launched Operation Weserübung, invading Denmark. Motorized troops crossed the border into Denmark, as amphibious landings were made on Danish islands and on the waterfront of Copenhagen. The German envoy informed the Danish government that Denmark would be protected for the duration of the war, and no interference by German military authorities would be made in the country's internal affairs. Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning ordered cessation of hostilities, twelve hours after the start of the invasion.  
  German forces landed on Norway with six different forces at widely separated points on the coast and took control of the ports of Narvik, Trondheim, Bergen, and Stavanger as well as the capitol city of Oslo. The German government claimed the invasion was made to forestall a British invasion.  
  Nazi sympathizer Vidkun Quisling spoke on Oslo Radio, urging Norwegians to cease further resistance. Quisling deposed the legal government, and appointed himself Prime Minister.  
  The German heavy cruiser SMS Blücher was sunk by Norwegian shore defenses including a torpedo battery at the Oscarsborg Fortress in the northernmost part of the Oslofjord in the approaches to Oslo.  
  The United States Navy  
  The Joint Planning Committee of the Joint Board submitted a new general estimate of the world situation in relation to American defense and preparations for war. This was part of the revision of existing plans, and for developing or completing new plans of the rainbow series. Formulators of the rainbow plans envisioned multiple, simultaneous enemies, instead of individual enemies each designated by a single color (ORANGE, for example, stood for Japan.)  
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