Events occurring on Wednesday, August 14, 1940  
  The Battle of Britain  
  About midday, the Luftwaffe conducted large large raids along the Kent coast and attacked Manston, Dover, Folkestone and Deal areas. These raids were intercepted and casualties inflicted. There was a lull until 4 p.m., when a large number of small raids crossed the coast in the region of Weymouth and Lyme Bay and proceeded to the South Wales, Gloucester and Middle Wallop areas. During the night there was very slight Luftwaffe activity.  
  RAF Statistics for the day: 32 patrols were flown involving 520 aircraft. Luftwaffe casualties: Fighters - 10 confirmed, 5 unconfirmed, 2 damaged; Bombers - 18 confirmed, 3 unconfirmed, 7 damaged; Unknown - 2 confirmed for a total of 47 casualties with 7 being a result of antiaircraft. RAF casualties: 8 fighters of which 4 pilots killed or missing. 3 bombers were destroyed on the ground.  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  The unescorted British steam merchant Betty was torpedoed and sunk by the U-59, commanded by Joachim Matz, 35 miles from Tory Island, Ireland in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Of the ship’s complement, 30 died and 4 survivors were picked up by the minesweeping trawler HMS Man o´ War (FY 104). The 2,339 ton Betty was carrying rice and was headed for Liverpool, England.  
  Luxembourg in WW2  
  Nazi Party official and Chief of the Civil Administration in Luxembourg Gustav Simon decreed the abrogation of the Constitution, the abolition of all political parties, the use of German as the only official language, and the outlawing of the name "Grand Duchy" in official documents. Luxembourg’s constitution was declared void because of the flight of the regent and government.  
  Science & Technology  
  British scientist, Sir Henry Tizard, left for the United States on the Tizard Mission, giving over to the Americans a number of top secret British technologies including the magnetron, the secret device at the heart of radar.  
  August 1940 Calendar  
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