Calendar and Summary for August 1940  
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  Summary of Significant Events for August 1940  
  Japan issued a policy declaration concerning a "New Order" in "Greater East Asia."  An Italian army invaded British Somaliland.  Moldavia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia were incorporated into the Soviet Union.  The British government announced that it would be abandoning the British presence in Shanghai and Tientsin province, in northern China.  “Adlertag” (Eagle Day) commenced, with 1,485 Luftwaffe sorties against British ports and airfields.  Sir Henry Tizard left for the United States on the Tizard Mission, giving over to the Americans a number of top secret British technologies.  The German government announced a “total blockade” of Great Britain.  The evacuation of British forces from Berbera in British Somaliland to Aden was completed.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his famous "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" speech to the House of Commons.  The first German air raids on Central London occurred.  The first British retaliated with an air raid on Berlin.  Romania ceded territory to Hungary and Bulgaria.  57 ships (287,312 tons) were sunk and 9 ships (69,982 tons) were damaged by U-boats during August 1940.  
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