Calendar and Summary for December 1940  
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  Summary of Significant Events for December 1940  
  Marshal Pietro Badoglio resigned his post as chief of the general staff of the Italian army.  The British, under General Richard O'Connor, began an offensive in the North Africa.  Sidi Barrani, Egypt was liberated by the British offensive.  Yugoslavia and Hungary signed a perpetual friendship pact.  German Chancellor Adolf Hitler issued Führer Directive 20 concerning the invasion of Greece.  The first "area bombing" raid on a German city was conducted by the RAF on Mannheim.  British forces occupied Fort Capuzzo, Sollum, and three other Italian positions near the Egypt-Libya border.  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a press conference suggesting that the U.S. lend arms to Britain.  Hitler issued Führer Directive 21 concerning the German invasion of the Soviet Union.  Viscount Halifax was appointed British ambassador to the U.S. to succeed the late Lord Lothian and Anthony Eden became the Foreign Secretary in the Churchill Cabinet.  A large German incendiary air raid on London destroyed or badly damaged eight churches designed by Christopher Wren including St Paul's Cathedral.  Vice Admiral Claude C. Bloch warned the Navy Department of the inadequacy of the defenses at Pearl Harbor.  41 ships (234,707 tons) were sunk and 9 ships (73,141 tons) were damaged by U-boats during December 1940.  
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