Events occurring on Saturday, March 16, 1940  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  At 8 p.m., 32 Junkers Ju 88s dive bombers of KG30 attacked the Royal Navy Home Fleet in Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. The heavy cruiser HMS Norfolk (78) was hit with one bomb that passes through the upper, main & lower decks and exploded causing 6 casualties. A German aircraft fleeing the battle released 19 bombs on the village of “Bridge of Waithe” on the shore of Scapa Flow wounding seven civilians and killing James Isbister, aged 27. Isbister became the first British civilian death on land. Despite the damage, the HMS Norfolk left leave Scapa Flow under her own steam on March 19, 1940 for repairs in the Clyde and rejoined the fleet on June 24, 1940.  
  The Yugoslavian steam merchant Slava struck a mine laid by U-29 on March 2, 1940 in the Bristol Channel. Of the ship’s complement, 1 died and 33 survived. The 4,512 ton Slava was carrying coal and coke and was bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
  The President of Panama, Augusto S. Boyd, transmitted a protest to the King of England over the British violation of Pan-American Neutrality Zone in the Wakama Incident that took place off the coast of Brazil on February 12.  
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