Events occurring on Thursday, March 28, 1940  
  Strategic Conferences  
  At a meeting in London the Allied Supreme War Council resolved that neither Britain nor France would make a separate peace with Germany. French ideas to attack Soviet shipping and oilfields are rejected to avoid bringing the U.S.S.R. into the war against the Allies. As a compromise to initiate some aggressive action, the Allies decide to lay mines in Norwegian coastal waters (Operation Wilfred) starting April 5. Churchill hoped to provoke a German response and legitimize Allied “assistance” to Norway with the goal of interrupting Swedish iron ore shipments to Germany. The French agree in principle to Churchill’s plan to drop mines in the River Rhine (Operation Royal Marine) also starting on April 5, pending ratification by the French War Committee.  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  The armed merchant cruiser HMS Transylvania (F 56), commanded by Captain Francis N. Miles, intercepted the 4,007 ton German merchant Mimi Horn in the Denmark Strait. Before the German ship could be captured she was scuttled by her own crew.  
  March 1940 Calendar  
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