Events occurring on Monday, September 9, 1940  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  Germany warned that all ships in war zones prescribed by the Axis were subject to attack “regardless of nationality.”  
  The first group of U.S. ships involved in the destroyers-for-bases transfer to Great Britain were recommissioned from the United States Navy to the Royal Navy at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The USS Aaron Ward (DD 132) became the HMS Castleton. The USS Buchanan (DD 131) became the HMS Campbeltown. The USS Crowninshield (DD 134) became the HMS Chelsea. The USS Hale (DD 133) became the HMS Caldwell. The USS Abel P. Upshur (DD 193) became the HMS Clare. The USS Welborn C. Wood (DD 195) became the HMS Chesterfield. The USS Herndon (DD 198) became the HMS Churchill. The USS Wells (DD 257) became the HMS Cameron.  
  Sailing with Convoy SC-2, the British steam merchant Mardinian was torpedoed and sunk by the U-28, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Günter Kuhnke, about 100 miles north-northwest of Ireland. Of the ship’s complement, 6 died and 32 survivors were picked up by the ASW trawler HMS St. Apollo and the armed merchant cruiser HMS Aurania (F 28). The 2,434 ton Mardinian was carrying pitch and was headed for London, England.  
  Sailing with Convoy SC-2, the Greek steam merchant Possidon was torpedoed and sunk by the U-47, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien, northwest of Ireland. Of the ship’s complement, 17 died. The 3,840 ton Possidon was carrying sulfur phosphate and was headed for Glasgow, Scotland.  
  German Commerce Raiders  
  The German commerce raider Atlantis, disguised as the Dutch freighter MV Tarifa, fired upon, stopped, and sank the 9,557-ton British motor tanker Athelking with gunfire in the eastern Indian Ocean. The Athelking was bound for Sydney to the bound for East Africa from Australia and was carrying oil. Three of the crew died and the other 40 were taken prisoner.  
  The Middle East in WW2  
  Tel Aviv in the British Mandate of Palestine was bombed by Italian aircraft causing 137 deaths.  
  The United States Navy  
  The U.S. Navy awarded contracts for 210 new construction ships including 12 aircraft carriers and 7 battleships.  
  The aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CV 5) and submarine USS Shark (SS 174) were damaged in a collision in the Hawaiian Operating Area.  
  U.S. Secretary of the Navy William "Frank" Knox broke his flag on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV 6) to observe operations. The USS Enterprise was being used as fleet flagship for a trial period by Admiral James O. Richardson, Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet. Knox would fly in to Pearl Harbor in the Enterprise Air Group Commander's SBC Helldiver scout plane to emphasize the rapid pace of modern naval operations.  
  September 1940 Calendar  
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