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  Summary of Significant Events for September 1940  
  The United States and Great Britain ratified an agreement to exchange naval and air for fifty World War I naval destroyers.  German Chancellor Adolf Hitler set the date for the start of Operation Sea Lion, the German invasion of England.  U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull warned the Japanese to respect the territorial integrity of French Indochina.  The anti-war America First Committee was established.  King Carol abdicated the Romanian throne in favor of his son Prince Michael.  The London Blitz began.  The first 8 U.S. Navy destroyers were transferred to the Royal Navy under the destroyers for bases agreement in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  German Governor-General Hans Frank ordered the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto.  The Italian 10th Army launched an offensive into western Egypt.  The Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 became law.  Hitler postponed Operation Sea Lion indefinitely.  Japan and Vichy France concluded an agreement on air bases, troops stationed, and transit rights in Indochina.  British and Free French forces unsuccessfully tried to use force to bring the port of Dakar in French West Africa over to the Allied cause.  The United States loaned China $25 million to stabilize Chinese currency and the Chinese government.  Josef Terboven, the German Reich-Commissar for Norway, formally deposed the King of Norway and reorganized the country's political administration.  The first fully intelligible message of the Japanese "purple" cipher was recovered by U.S. cryptanalysts.  Over a 7 day period U-boats successfully attacked 4 Allied convoys in the North Atlantic sinking 27 ships.  In an action aimed at Japan, the United States declared an embargo on all exports of scrap iron and steel, except to Britain and nations of the Western Hemisphere.  The Tripartite Pact was signed in Berlin by representatives of Germany, Italy, and Japan.  56 ships (281,874 tons) were sunk and 7 ships (42,636 tons) were damaged by U-boats during September 1940.  
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  Military Conflict in North Africa  
  Air reconnaissance showed a build-up of Italian forces in Libya preparing to attack Egypt. RAF Bristol Blenheim light bombers of No. 202 Group attacked enemy airfields and enemy shipping in Tobruk harbor.  

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