Events occurring on Tuesday, April 1, 1941  
  The Royal Air Force  
  During an attack on Emden in Germany, Vickers Wellington medium bombers dropped the first 4,000lb Blockbuster bombs. These large bombs could level an entire city block.  
  Iraq in WW2  
  Four Iraqi nationalist army colonels, known as "the Golden Square" staged a military coup in Iraq that overthrew the regime of Regent 'Abd al-Ilah. The Golden Square intended to use the war to press for full Iraqi independence following the limited independence granted in 1932. To that end, they worked with German intelligence and accepted military assistance from Germany. The change in government led to a British invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation until 1947.  
  Events Leading to Pearl Harbor  
  U.S. Naval Intelligence in Washington alerted all naval districts that "past experience shows the Axis Powers often begin . . . [attacks] on Saturdays and Sundays or on national holidays. . ." and that commanders should put "proper watches and precautions . . . in effect."  
  The Pacific Before Pearl Harbor  
  The heavy cruisers USS Chicago (CA 29), under command of Rear Admiral John H. Newton, Commander Cruisers Scouting Force, and USS Portland (CA 33) and the destroyers USS Clark (DD 361), USS Conyngham (DD 371), USS Reid (DD 369), USS Cassin (DD 372), and USS Downes (DD 375), arrived at Suva, Fiji Islands.  
  April 1941 Calendar  
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