Events occurring on Sunday, April 6, 1941  
  The German Invasion of Yugoslavia  
  Operation Punishment (Unternehmen Strafgericht) began at 7 am with the Luftwaffe opening the assault on Yugoslavia by conducting a saturation-type bombing raid on the capital city of Belgrade.  
  The 2nd Panzer Division (XVIII Mountain troops) entered Yugoslavia from the east on and advanced westward through the Strimon Valley. It encountered little enemy resistance, but was delayed by road clearance demolitions, mines, and muddy roads.  
  The German Invasion of Greece  
  At dawn Germany began Operation Marita (Unternehmen Marita) when the XL Panzer Corps crossed Greece’s border with Bulgaria at two separate points.  
  The East African Campaign  
  General Mombrini, Military Governor of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, surrendered the city to British officers at the Duke of Aosta’s palace.  
  Military Conflict in North Africa  
  Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs Anthony Eden and General John G. Dill conferred with General Archibald P. Wavell, Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, Admiral Andrew Cunningham, and Air Marshall Sir Arthur Longmore in Cairo about the Mediterranean situation.  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  Six Beaufort torpedo-bombers from 22 Squadron of Coastal Command attacked the German cruiser SMS Gneisenau anchored in Brest harbor. One, piloted by Flight Officer Kenneth Campbell made a successful attack before being shot down. The damage done to the SMS Gneisenau took six months to repair. Campbell was awarded a posthumous Victorian Cross.  
  The unescorted Norwegian motor tanker Lincoln Ellsworth was torpedoed and sunk by the U-94, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Herbert Kuppisch, about 150 miles west of Iceland in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Of the ship’s complement, all 29 survived and were picked up by the armed merchant cruiser HMS Derbyshire (F 78). The 5,580 ton Lincoln Ellsworth was carrying ballast and was bound for Trinidad.  
  April 1941 Calendar  
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