Events occurring on Wednesday, January 1, 1941  
  The Air War Over Europe  
  141 aircraft of the RAF bombed the Focke Wulf aircraft factory in the south of Bremen, Germany. Reports were that the raid included very accurate bombing, especially by the first waves of aircraft. A portion of the city burned out of control.  
  Events in the Soviet Union  
  Soviet General Georgy Zhukov was appointed Chief of General Staff of the Red Army over several senior generals.  
  U.S. & Japanese Relations Before Pearl Harbor  
  In Japan, American ambassador Grew wrote in his diary: "Japan . . . is on the warpath . . . If . . . Americans . . . could read . . . articles by leading Japanese . . . they . . . would realize the utter hopelessness of a policy of appeasement."  
  In Other News  
  German aircraft dropped bombs on Duleek and Julianstown in Ireland. It is thought that the bombings might be intended to intimidate the Irish into remaining neutral in spite of Anglo-American pressure for the use of Irish bases to protect convoys.  
  January 1941 Calendar  
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