Events occurring on Sunday, January 19, 1941  
  The East African Campaign  
  The 4th and 5th Indian Divisions and units of the Sudan Defense Force under British General William Platt, launched an attack against the Italians in Eritea, Somaliland, and Ethiopia. The 17,000 Italian troops in the various border positions were led by Lieutenant-General Luigi Frusci. Kassala was taken immediately. The timing for the British offensive was chosen because British intelligence had decoded secret Italian instructions to withdraw that week from Kassala, a town in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan which had been occupied by the Italians since the summer of 1940.  
  Naval Action in the Mediterranean  
  The destroyer HMS Greyhound (H 05) commanded by Commander W.R. Marshall-A'Deane, escorting a convoy to Greece sank the Italian submarine Neghelli off Phalconera in the Aegean Sea after the submarine had attacked a Piraeus convoy and torpedoed the British transport Clan Cumming.  
  Strategic Conferences  
  German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini met at Berchtesgaden, Germany. Hitler agreed to provide aid in North Africa.  
  Events in the United States  
  U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull responded to German Chargé d'Affaires Hans Thomsen's protest over the incident concerning the tearing down of the Reich flag over the consulate in San Francisco the day before, promising a full investigation.  
  Ships Commissioned  
  A ship's commissioning was when the ship was handed over, post fittings and trials, to the end user which, in this case, was a combatant navy.
The U-77 was commissioned. Her first commander was Oberleutnant zur See Heinrich Schonder.
  January 1941 Calendar  
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