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  Summary of Significant Events for July 1941  
  Germany, Italy, and the other Axis states recognized the Wang Chingwei regime in Japanese occupied China.  The decision to attack the European territories in Southeast Asia and the Pacific was made at an Imperial Conference in Tokyo.  Army Group Center eliminated the resistance of Soviet forces trapped in the Bialystok pocket.  7,000 Italians and their allies surrendered to Allied forces in southern Abyssinia.  Soviet Marshal Josef Stalin made a radio broadcast calling for patriotic fervor, fanatic resistance and reiterating the "Scorched Earth" policy.  General Claude J. E. Auchinleck took over as Commander-in-Chief, Middle East from General Archibald P. Wavell.  Yugoslavia was dissolved by the Axis into separate parts.  The Minsk and Vitebsk pockets that were surrounded by Army Group Center were declared officially eliminated.  Soviet Marshal Josef Stalin demoted Marshal SemyonTimoshenko, the Red Army commander-in-chief, and assumed the position himself.  The French agreed to an armistice in Syria.  The final aims of the attack on the Soviet Union were formulated at a conference in Berlin.  After heavy city fighting Smolensk fell to Army Group Center.  The Japanese cabinet with the exception of pro-Hitler Foreign Minister Yōsuke Matsuoka formed a new government.  Under Secretary of State Summer Welles told Japanese Ambassador to the United States, Admiral Kichisaburō Nomura there was no basis for pursuing further the conversations between Japan and the United States.  The United States and Great Britain froze Japanese and Chinese assets.  General Douglas A. MacArthur was named commander of U.S. forces in the Philippines.  Japanese troops began occupying southern French Indochina.  Japan froze all U.S. and British assets.  A mutual defense agreement regarding Indochina was signed in Tokyo between Japan and Vichy France.  During a bombing raid on Chungking Japanese aircraft damaged the U.S. Navy Gunboat Tutuila.  Reinhard Heydrich was ordered to find a "final solution of the Jewish question."  18 ships (61,676 tons) were sunk and 3 ships (18,845 tons) were damaged by U-boats during July 1941.  
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