Events occurring on Saturday, June 21, 1941  
  The Middle East in WW2  
  Australian forces occupied Damascus after the Vichy French garrison withdrew.  
  Military Conflict in North Africa  
  After the failure of Operation Battleaxe to relieve Tobruk, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill decided to replace General Archibald P. Wavell with General Claude J. E. Auchinleck as Commander-in-Chief, Middle East. Auchinleck would take command on July 5, 1941.  
  Operation Barbarossa – The German Invasion of the Soviet Union  
  In the evening German Brandenburg special mission units and the Polish White Guard began operations in Soviet controlled territory. These units infiltrated across the border in order to secure bridges and other important facilities and to cut communications in the Soviet rear area in preparation for the invasion of the next day.  
  The U.S. State Department requested the closing of all Italian consulates in U.S. territory. The "continued functioning of Italian consular establishments in territory of the United States," Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles informs Italian Ambassador Don Ascanio dei principi Colonna, "would serve no desirable purpose." The Italian government was informed that such withdrawals and closures be effected before July 15.  
  Ships Commissioned  
  A ship's commissioning was when the ship was handed over, post fittings and trials, to the end user which, in this case, was a combatant navy.  
  The destroyer HMS Heythrop (L 85) was commissioned. Her first commander was Lt. Commander Robert S. Stafford.  
  The ASW trawler HMS Minuet (T 131) was commissioned. Her first commander was Lt. Alexander M. Sullivan.  
  The submarine U-374 was commissioned. Her first commander was Oberleutnant zur See Unno von Fischel.  
  The submarine U-434 was commissioned. Her first commander was Kapitänleutnant Wolfgang Heyda.  
  June 1941 Calendar  
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