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  Summary of Significant Events for June 1941  
  The British evacuation of Crete was completed.  British forces entered Baghdad and a pro-British government was put back in place.  British forces seized control of Mosul and the oil rich region of Iraq.  Wilhelm II, the former Kaiser of imperial Germany, died.  British, Australian, and Free French forces invaded Syria.  RAF Bomber Command launched a series of 20 consecutive night raids on the Ruhr industrial area, the Rhineland, Hamburg, and Bremen.  From St. James's Place in London fourteen Allies vowed to fight until victory was won.  The Vichy government alleged Jewish interference with Franco-German relations and deported 13,000 Jews to concentration camps.  The United States froze German and Italian assets.  British and Commonwealth desert forces launched Operation Battleaxe, an attempt to relieve Tobruk.  Operation Battleaxe was a failure and the British withdrew.  After the failure of Operation Battleaxe to relieve Tobruk, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill decided to replace General Archibald P. Wavell with General Claude J. E. Auchinleck as Commander-in-Chief, Middle East.  Germany launched Operation Barbarossa, invading the Soviet Union along an 1,100-mile front, with three million soldiers.  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced at a press conference that he intended to send aid to the Soviet Union in response to the German invasion.  Finland joined the Axis nations by declaring war on the Soviet Union.  The Japanese government demanded that the French allow the landing of Japanese troops in French Indo-China.  The Germans captured Minsk.  After heavy fighting, the Germans captured Lvov.  Soviet Marshal Josef Stalin ordered the execution of the military leadership on the Soviet Union's western front.  66 ships (302,032 tons) were sunk and 5 ships (40,482 tons) were damaged by U-boats during June 1941.  
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