Events occurring on Monday, March 17, 1941  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  After having had just successfully attacked convoy HX-112 several times and sinking five ships and damaging another the previous day the U-99, commanded by Korvettenkapitän Otto Kretschmer, was scuttled by its crew southeast of Iceland after being damaged by after a depth charge attack by the destroyer HMS Walker (D 27). During its career under Korvettenkapitän Kretschmer the U-99 sank 35 ships for a total of 198,218 tons, captured 1 ship for a total of 2,136 tons, and damaged 5 ships for a total of 37,965 tons. Kretschmer was considered one of Germany’s top U-boat aces. Of the ship’s complement, 3 died and 40 survived and spent the war in captivity.  
  TThe U-100, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Joachim Schepke, was sunk after rammed and depth charged by the destroyers HMS Walker (D 27) and HMS Vanoc (H 33). Of the 44 man crew, 38 died including the captain. During its career under Kapitänleutnant Schepke the U-100 sank 25 ships for a total of 135,614 tons, damaged 4 ships for a total of 17,229 tons, and damaged 1 ship beyond repair a total of 2,205 tons. Kapitänleutnant Schepke was considered one of Germany’s top U-boat aces.  
  Sailing with Convoy SL-68, the British steam merchant Andalusian was torpedoed and sunk by the U-106, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Jürgen Oesten, north of the Cape Verde Islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. Of the ship’s complement, all 42 survived and were picked up by the Portuguese steam merchant Nyassa. The 3,082 ton Andalusian was carrying cocoa and was bound for Oban, Scotland.  
  Sailing with Convoy SL-68, the Dutch steam merchant Tapanoeli was torpedoed and sunk by the U-106 north of the Cape Verde Islands. Of the ship’s complement, all 75 survived. The 7,034 ton Tapanoeli was carrying general cargo and passengers and was bound for Glasgow, Scotland.  
  Sinking the SMS Bismarck  
  The German battleship Bismarck departs Kiel and arrived in Gotenhafen (Gdynia), Poland. Through April the Bismarck continued to conduct trials in the Baltic.
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  The Pacific Before Pearl Harbor  
  Task Group 9.2, under command of Captain Ellis S. Stone and comprised of the light cruisers USS Brooklyn (CL 40) and USS Savannah (CL 42) and the destroyers USS Case (DD 370), USS Shaw (DD 373), and USS Tucker (DD 374), arrived at Auckland, New Zealand, beginning a three-day goodwill visit.  
  Ships Commissioned  
  A ship's commissioning was when the ship was handed over, post fittings and trials, to the end user which, in this case, was a combatant navy.  
  The corvette HMS Dianthus (K 95) was commissioned. Her first commander was Lt. Commander Clement E. Bridgman.  
  The Canadian corvette HMCS Kamloops (K 176) was commissioned. Her first commander was Lt. James M. Gillison.  
  March 1941 Calendar  
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