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  Summary of Significant Events for November 1941  
  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt placed the U.S. Coast Guard under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Navy.  Kursk fell to German units at the junction of Army Group Center and Army Group South.  The Imperial Japanese Navy high command approved Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s plan for the attack on the American fleet at Pearl Harbor.  The U.S. Congress amended the Neutrality act to allow the arming of merchants and transporting war goods to warring nations.  The British naval Force K attacked an Italian convoy bound for North Africa and sank 7 merchant ships and the destroyer Fulmine.  The German 11th Army captured Yalta.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that Britain would declare war on Japan if it went to war with the United States.  Winter came to the Eastern Front as no German units anywhere recorded a temperature higher than 5°F.  The aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal was torpedoed and sunk by the U-81 east of Gibraltar in the western Mediterranean Sea.  U.S. Marines were ordered withdrawn from Japanese occupied China.  The British 8th Army began Operation Crusader and crossed over the Egyptian border into Libya.  The Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney and the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran sank each off the coast of Western Australia.  Japanese envoys to Washington presented Japan's Proposal "B" to U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull.  German forces under Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt's seized Rostov on the Don River.  A Japanese task force under command of Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo began sailing from northern Japan to Hawaii.  Hull submitted a counterproposal to Japan's Proposal "B.  The U.S. issued a war warning to its overseas commanders.  17 ships (120,541 tons) were sunk by U-boats during November 1941.  
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