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  Summary of Significant Events for October 1941  
  A British-American Mission signed a treaty with the Soviets to provide materials critical to the Soviet war effort.  The main thrust of Operation Typhoon began as the 3 Panzer armies began an assault on Moscow.  The U.S. reiterated its requirement that Japan withdraw its forces from China and Indochina before any peace talks could take place.  The Germans surrounded the Soviet 9th and 18th Armies north of the Sea Azov, trapping more than 100,000 soldiers.  German armored forces broke through the Vyazma Defense Line and trapped 4 armies of the Soviet West Front.  U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the U.S. Congress to modify the Neutrality Act to allow American merchant ships to be armed and to allow their passage through combat zones.  Colonel General Georgy Zhukov was called to Moscow from Leningrad to take command of the West Front and the defense of Moscow.  The mass evacuation of women and children from Moscow began.  The first substantial snow of the season fell at Leningrad. Temperatures in the Moscow area fell and hovered around freezing.  German authorities announced that any Jews found outside of the ghetto walls in Poland would be executed on sight.  The Japanese Government of Prime Minister Prince Fumimaro Konoye collapsed and was replaced by one headed by General Hideki Tōjō.  The destroyer USS Kearny was torpedoed and damaged by the U-568.  The Ukrainian city of Kharkov fell to the Germans.  The USS Reuben James was the first sinking an American warship in the undeclared war against the Germans in the Atlantic.  45 ships (176,876 tons) were sunk and 6 ships (45,773 tons) were damaged by U-boats during October 1941.  
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