Events occurring on Sunday, June 14, 1942  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  The unescorted American steam merchant Lebore was torpedoed and sunk by the U-172, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Carl Emmermann, about 200 miles north of Cristobal, Panama in the Caribbean. Of the ship’s complement, 1 died and 93 survivors were picked up by the destroyer USS Tattnall (DD 125) after boats and rafts had been spotted by an aircraft on June 16, 1942. Another 25 survivors were picked up from a boat by gunboat USS Erie (PG 50). The 8,289 ton Lebore was carrying coal and was headed for Cruz Grande, Chile.  
  The Latvian steam merchant Regent was torpedoed and sunk by the U-504, commanded by Korvettenkapitän Hans-Georg Friedrich Posk, in the Caribbean. Of the ship’s complement, 11 died and 14 survived. The 3,280 ton Regent was headed for Cristobal, Dominican Republic.  
  Naval Action in the Mediterranean  
  The relief convoy WS 19Z (Force X) of Operation Harpoon continued towards Malta and was attacked by Italian planes south of Sardinia. The Dutch motor vessel Tanimbar was torpedoed by an SM 79 Sparviero medium bomber and sunk, but not before the Armed Guard gunners displayed "great courage and skill" and splash one of the attackers. The light cruiser HMS Liverpool (11) was also torpedoed by another SM 79 and was taken in tow by the destroyer HMS Antelope (H 36) and was escorted by destroyer HMS Westcott (D 47) back to Gibraltar.  
  The South Pacific Theater  
  The U.S. Marines arrived in Wellington, New Zealand. The 1st Corps Marine Division arrived on board the USS Wakefield and were greeted by a band playing the Marine Corps hymn "'From the halls of Montezuma."  
  United Nations Events  
  Mexico signed the Declaration of the United Nations. Ezequiel Padilla, Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs made the following statement: "In taking, this decision my government does but continue the firm line of its national policy. In fact, the principles contained in the Atlantic Charter coincide with the aspirations for social justice which have invariably ruled the actions of my country in the international field; . . they constitute an ideal for the realization of which Mexico has worked from the beginning of its independent life..."  
  The Philippines signed the Declaration of the United Nations. Manuel Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth made the following statement: "The people of the Philippines are wholeheartedly devoted to liberty and fully subscribe to the principles set forth in that great document known as the Atlantic Charter… The desire to associate, ourselves with those nations which are fighting for the preservation of life and liberty against the forces of barbarism that seek world domination..."  
  June 1942 Calendar  
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