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  Summary of Significant Events for March 1942  
  The Japanese made a surprise air raid on the airfield and harbor at Broome, Western Australia.  Jakarta was declared an open city and occupied by Japanese forces as Allied defenses in Java collapsed.  The evacuation of Rangoon by the British began and all facilities which might have been of any use to the Japanese were ordered destroyed.  The first class of five pilots African-American cadets earned their wings at Tuskegee Army Air Field.  Rangoon fell to the advancing Japanese forces, cutting off the supply line between the Allies and the Nationalist Chinese forces.  There were large scale Japanese landings at Lae and Salamaua on Huon Bay, New Guinea. The Netherland East Indies surrendered to the Japanese.  Construction crews began work on the Alcan Highway.  General Douglas MacArthur and other staff left Corregidor in four PT boats.  The first large scale deportation of Jews within the framework of Operation Reinhard occurred.  U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt appointed MacArthur as the commander of the combined Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific.  MacArthur arrived at Alice Springs, Australia and made the following statement to reporters: “I came through and I shall return.”  Both houses of the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 503 which authorized the evacuation of the Japanese Americans.  The Japanese occupied the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.  In Czechoslovakia Reinhard Heydrich was ambushed and mortally wounded while he rode in his open car in the Prague suburb of Libeň.  A British commando raid was staged on St. Nazaire, France. A huge dry dock is destroyed, the only one capable of servicing German battleships on the Atlantic.  86 ships (452,600 tons) were sunk and 12 ships (85,287 tons) were damaged by U-boats during March 1942.  
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  The German Nuclear Research Program  
  Minister of Armaments Albert Speer placed the German economy on a war footing. Projects that did not promise short-term results, including nuclear research, were eliminated or down-graded in priority.
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