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  Summary of Significant Events for November 1942  
  Operation Supercharge, the Allied breakout at El Alamein, began.  Operation Torch began, as Allied forces landed in Northern Africa.  American forces captured Oran after heavy fighting.  The French commander in Algiers, Admiral François Darlan, called for all French forces in North Africa to lay down their arms.  Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke of the recent Allied victories saying that “Now this is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.”  U.S. forces occupied Casablanca as French resistance ended.  The British 8th Army reached Halfaya Pass and crossed into Libya.  The Germans launched Operation Anton and occupied the remainder of France and the island of Corsica.  The naval Battle of Guadalcanal took place. The U.S. Navy lost two cruisers and four destroyers and the Japanese lost two battleships and two destroyers.  The British Eighth Army captured Tobruk, Libya.  The Red Army launched Operation Uranus - the counterattack at Stalingrad.  U.S. forces in New Guinea began attacks on the heavily fortified Japanese positions at Buna.  The British Eighth Army reached Benghazi, Libya.  Seventy-five warships of the French fleet were scuttled at Toulon to prevent their capture by the Germans.  The naval battle of Tassafaronga Point off Guadalcanal took place.  123 ships (768,732 tons) were sunk and 19 ships (109,042 tons) were damaged by U-boats and mines during November 1942.  
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