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  Summary of Significant Events for September 1942  
  The Japanese Cabinet announced the "Ministry of Greater East Asia."  Field Marshal Erwin Rommel issued orders for his forces to withdraw from Alam Halfa Ridge.  The Soviets withdrew into the rubble of Stalingrad.  The Australians forced the Japanese high command to order a withdrawal from Milne Bay.  The Germans captured the key Black Sea naval port of Novorossiysk.  The Japanese opened a new offensive on the Kokoda Trail and forced the Australians to withdraw.  A Canadian-Soviet wheat agreement was signed in London.  German Chancellor Adolf Hitler assumed command of Army Group A on the Eastern Front.  A Japanese warplane launched from a submarine dropped incendiary bombs on Oregon.  Australian forces stopped the Japanese offensive over the Owen Stanley Range at Ioribaiwa on the Kokoda Trail.  Major attacks by the Japanese units from the 35th Brigade took place on Guadalcanal around Lunga Ridge.  Benghazi, Barce, and Tobruk were attacked unsuccessfully by British commandos.  The aircraft carrier USS Wasp (CV 7) was sunk by a Japanese submarine.  Japanese forces evacuated Attu and moved to Kiska in the Aleutians.  All atomic research was placed under military control with Brigadier General Leslie Groves as head of the Manhattan Project.  The first B-29 Superfortress experimental plane was flight tested.  British troops captured the capitol city of Tamatave on Madagascar.  The Australian offensive forced the Japanese to abandon Ioribaiwa in New Guinea and to withdrawal back up the Kokado Trail.  Turkey and Germany signed a trade agreement in which Germany would get chrome and Turkey would get arms.  101 ships (454,957 tons) were sunk and 15 ships (119,941 tons) were damaged by U-boats and mines during September 1942.  
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