Events occurring on Monday, November 15, 1943  
  The Allied Campaign for Italy  
  British General Harold Alexander called off the U.S. 5th Army assault on the German-held Bernhardt Line (or Reinhard Line). Casualties had been heavy. A determined German defense combined with rugged terrain and poor weather contributed to the decision to end the attack.  
  Naval Action in the Mediterranean  
  The British destroyer HMS Quail (G 45), commanded by Lt. Commander Robert F. Jenks, struck a mine while on patrol in the Adriatic Sea. The HMS Quail was beached south of Bari, Italy to await salvage and was later declared a total loss.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Crevalle (SS 291), commanded by Lt. Commander Henry G. Munson, torpedoed and sank the 6,783 ton Japanese army cargo ship Kyokko Maru west of Manila, Philippine Islands.  
  The submarine USS Narwhal (SS 167), commanded by Lt. Commander Frank D. Latta, landed the remainder of her cargo (having landed supplies on November 13, 1943) at Nasipit, Mindanao. She then embarked 32 evacuees, including 8 women, 2 children, and a baby.  
  The Central Pacific Theater  
  U.S. Advanced Naval Base and Naval Auxiliary Air Facility, Funafuti, Ellice Islands, were established.  
  November 1943 Calendar  
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