Calendar and Summary for October 1943  
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  Summary of Significant Events for October 1943  
  Elements of the U.S. 5th Army captured Naples.  Australian forces captured Finschafen, New Guinea.  British commandos landed and occupied Termoli in Italy.  The Germans launched Operation Polar Bear, a series of attacks on islands in the Aegean Sea.  Free French forces occupied the island of Corsica.  The U.S. 5th Army began its assault on the Volturno River line.  The German 17th Army completed the evacuation of the Kuban Peninsula into the Crimean Peninsula.  The U.S. 5th Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force raided Rabaul in New Britain severely damaged Japanese shipping.  The newly formed Italian government of Italian Premier Marshal Pietro Badoglio declared war on Germany.  The U.S. 8th Air Force mission that attacked the ball-bearing plants at Schweinfurt, Germany and became known as Black Thursday took place.  German forces began an organized withdrawal from Volturno River.  The Tripartite Conference attended by the Big Three foreign ministers was held in Moscow.  Japanese aircraft from six aircraft carriers were transferred to land bases around Rabaul in New Britain.  The Red Army liberated Melitopol after 10 days of heavy street fighting.  Heavy Allied air raids were conducted on the Japanese stronghold at Rabaul, New Britain.  The Red Army captured Genichesk, cutting the only rail communications for the Germans on the Crimean peninsula.  28 ships (99,635 tons) were sunk and 3 ships (16,827 tons) were damaged by U-boats and mines during October 1943.  
  Events occurring in October 1943 with no specific dates  
  The Atomic Bombs  
  The first Alpha racetrack (containing 96 units) was completed. A work force of 4,800 to run Y-12 had been assembled. The startup was unsuccessful due to unexplained shorts in the magnets.  
  Project Alberta, the full scale atomic bomb delivery program, began.  
  Harvard physics professor Dr. Norman F. Ramsey was appointed to select and modify aircraft for delivering atomic bombs.  

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