Events occurring on Monday, April 3, 1944  
  The Central Pacific Theater  
  Moen and Dublon Islands in the Truk Atoll, Caroline Islands were bombed on the night of April 34 by USAAF 7th Air Force B-24 Liberators. On Dublon bombs were dropped on oil storage tanks, and several fires were started between the seaplane base and Dublon town. Smaller fires were set on Moen Island. One of six enemy fighters which attempted interception was shot down, and one was probably shot down. Two of American planes were missing.  
  The Southwest Pacific Theater  
  Ponape, Netherland East Indies was bombed from low level by B-25 Mitchells from the USAAF 7th Air Force. Moderate antiaircraft fire damaged three of American planes.  
  USAAF B-25 Mitchells from the 13th Air Force bombed Japanese installations in the northeastern section of Rabaul, New Britain. The Taiwanese fishing boat Kojin Maru was set afire and sank.  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  Operation "Tungsten" was conducted: 42 bombers and 80 fighters from the aircraft carriers HMS Furious and HMS Victorious bombed the SMS Tirpitz while she was in Norwegian waters, the Altenfjord, and caused sufficient damage with 15 hits to extend the vessel's inactivity by another 3 months. The attack killed 122 men and wounded 316.  
  The Air War Over Europe  
  Allied bombers hit German occupied Budapest in Hungary.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Pollack (SS 180), commanded by Lt. Commander Bafford E. Lewellen, torpedoed and sank the 2,814 ton Japanese transport ship Tosei Maru approximately 325 miles south of Yokohama, Japan.  
  The Pacific Theater  
  The transport USS Kenmore (AP 162) was damaged by grounding, Nawiliwili, Territory of Hawaii.  
  April 1944 Calendar  
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