Events occurring on Wednesday, April 19, 1944  
  Naval Action in the Indian Ocean  
  An Allied naval force, commanded by Admiral Sir James F. Somerville, Commander in Chief, British Eastern Fleet, that included aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV 3) struck at Japanese positions and shipping at Sabang, Netherland East Indies in Operation Cockpit. This was the first operation in which the U.S. Pacific Fleet units operated alongside British units in offensive action in the Indian Ocean. Aircraft from the USS Saratoga and the HMS Illustrious sank minelayer Hatsutaka, the transport Kunitsu Maru, and the army transport Haruno Maru. The pilot of the only plane (from the USS Saratoga) shot down by antiaircraft fire was picked up by submarine HMS Tactician, which braved shore battery fire to do so.  
  The submarine HMS Tantalus (P 318), commanded by Lt. Commander Hugh S. Mackenzie, sank the 300 ton Malaysian tug Kampung Besar with gunfire in the Malacca Strait.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Finback (SS 230), commanded by Lt. Commander John A. Tyree, Jr., sank the Japanese sampan Ryoho Maru with gunfire off Truk.  
  The Southwest Pacific Theater  
  RAAF Catalinas mined the principal entrances to Woleai, Caroline Islands to prevent the Japanese from using them during the projected operations in Hollandia, Netherland East Indies.  
  April 1944 Calendar  
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