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  Summary of Significant Events for December 1944  
  The Dekemvriana ("December events") of civil unrest began in liberated Greece.  The Home Guard was "stood down" from service in the United Kingdom.  A new Romanian government was formed.  American forces landed on Mindoro, Philippine Islands.  The Battle of the Bulge took place in the Ardennes.  Soldiers of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich execute 84 American prisoners near Malmedy during the Battle of the Bulge.  The War Department announced the revocation of the West Coast mass exclusion order of people of Japanese descent.  U.S. Task Force 38 was caught in a typhoon in the Philippine Sea.  The Soviet backed provisional government of Hungary, located in Drebrecan, declared war on Germany.  22 ships (72,816 tons) were sunk and 3 ship (10,329 tons) were damaged by U-boats during December 1944.  
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  The Atomic Bombs  
  Both 221T and 221U, the chemical separation buildings in the 200-West complex at Hanford, Washington, were finished by December 1944. Nicknamed Queen Marys by the workers who built them, the separation buildings were awesome canyon-like structures 800 feet long, 65 feet wide, and 80 feet high containing forty process pools.  
  Output at the Y-12 electromagnetic plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee climbed to 90 grams of highly enriched uranium a day.  
  Work began on an implosion initiator for the solid core bomb although it was not clear at this point if one could be made.  
  Mid-December, 1944 - The first successful explosive lens tests were conducted at Los Alamos. These tests established the feasibility of making an implosion bomb.
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