Calendar and Summary for February 1944  
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  Summary of Significant Events for February 1944  
  The U.S. 7th Infantry Division landed on Kwajalein Island meeting little resistance.  Allied Headquarters confirmed the plan for the invasion of France, Operation Overlord.  SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force) headquarters was established in London.  The monastery at Monte Casino was destroyed by U.S. bombers.  In Operation Squarepeg, the 3rd New Zealand Division supported by U.S. Task Force 39 made landings in the Green Islands north of Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.  Without orders by German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Field Marshal Erich von Manstein authorized a breakout of XI Corps from the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket.  The Germans launched a major counterattack at the Anzio beachhead.  19 de Havilland Mosquitos conducted a daylight precision bombing operation codenamed operation Jericho that blew holes in the walls of the Gestapo prison at Amiens, France allowing some prisoners to escape.  American forces completed the capture of Eniwetok Atoll.  Operation Brewer, the campaign to capture the Admiralty Islands, began with the landing of the U. S. Army's 1st Cavalry Division on Los Negros Island.  25 ships (92,120 tons) were sunk and 3 ships (23,050 tons) were damaged by U-boats during February 1944.  
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  The Atomic Bombs  
  The Alpha 2 racetrack at the Y-12 electromagnetic plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee produced about 200 grams of twelve-percent uranium 235 by the end of February 1944. This was enough to send samples to Los Alamos, New Mexico as well as feed the new Beta unit but not enough to satisfy estimates of weapon requirements.  
  With the concrete building to house it complete, construction began on the first reactor at Hanford, Washington: the B pile.  
  The Los Alamos Governing Board reevaluated deuterium fusion research and determined that tritium would be necessary to make an explosive reaction. Priority of fusion bomb work was further downgraded.
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