Events occurring on Sunday, June 11, 1944  
  Operation Overlord: The Allied Invasion of Normandy  
  The U.S. 1st Army captured Carentan and Lison.  
  The British 2nd Army encountered heavy German resistance at Tilly.  
  The Allied Campaign for Italy  
  The U.S. 5th Army captured Monte Fiascone.  
  Operation Forager - The Allied Invasion of the Mariana Islands  
  The 9 fleet carriers and 6 light carriers of U.S. Navy Task Force 58, under command of Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher, began raids on the Mariana Islands when they attacked Japanese bases on Saipan, Tinian and other locations. F6F Hellcats, 16 from each aircraft carrier and 12 from each small aircraft carrier, accompanied by a TBF Avenger or SB2C Hell Diver from each task group (the latter to lead the fighters in and out), blanketed Japanese airfields in the Marianas Islands. This move, which achieved complete surprise, also assured control of the air over the Marianas. Combat air patrol F6Fs from TF 58 began to intercept and shoot down Japanese planes in the vicinity of TF 58. F6Fs also damaged Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser No.8 Shonan Maru and cargo vessel Keiyo Maru.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  While on patrol in Sea of Okhotsk, east of Karafuto the submarine USS Barb (SS 220), commanded by Lt. Commander Eugene B. Fluckey, sank two Japanese sampans with gunfire and torpedoed and sank the Japanese fishing vessels Chihaya Maru and Toten Maru.  
  The submarine USS Redfin (SS 272), commanded by Lt. Commander Marshal H. Austin, torpedoed and sank the 5,141 ton Japanese tanker Asanagi Maru west of Jolo, Philippines.  
  June 1944 Calendar  
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