Events occurring on Wednesday, June 21, 1944  
  The Allied Campaign for Italy  
  The British 8th Army advance reached the German defensive Albert Line at Chiusi, to the west of Trasimeno Lake.  
  The Soviet Union & Finland - The Continuation War  
  The Soviet 7th Separate Army opened a new set of attacks north and east of Lake Ladoga, advancing against the Finnish 6th Corps. Amphibious landings were made on several of the islands off the Karelian Isthmus.  
  Operation Forager - The Allied Invasion of the Mariana Islands  
  The U.S. 5th Amphibious Corps continued to battle for Saipan.  
  TBF/M Avengers and F4F Wildcats from the escort aircraft carrier USS White Plains (CVE 66) sank the Japanese cargo ship Shoun Maru off Rota, Saipan.  
  The Japanese guardboat Kompira Maru was sunk by gunfire off Tinian.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Narwhal (SS 167), commanded by Commander Jack C. Titus, sank the Japanese sailing vessel Shinshu Maru No.2 about 12 nautical miles southwest of Culasi, Philippine Islands.  
  The submarine USS Bluefish (SS 222), commanded by Lt. Commander Charles M. Henderson, torpedoed and sank the 3,280 ton Japanese transport ship Kanan Maru off the southern approaches to Makassar Strait in Indonesia.  
  The Dutch submarine HNMS K XIV, commanded by Lt. Commander Jacob F. Drijfhout van Hooff, torpedoed and damaged the Japanese minelayer IJN Tsugaru off Sanana, Soela Islands between Sorong, New Guinea, and Kau Roads, Moluccas.  
  Japanese Submarine Warfare  
  The destroyer USS Newcomb (DD 586) and the high speed minesweeper USS Chandler (DMS 9) sank the submarine IJN I-185, 90 miles east-northeast of Saipan.  
  June 1944 Calendar  
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