Events occurring on Tuesday, March 7, 1944  
  Operation U-Go - The Japanese Invasion of India  
  The Japanese offensive code named Operation U-Go began when units under the command of Lt. General Mutaguchi Renya began their assault on the British positions deployed on the Indian-Burma border. The primary objective of Operation U-Go was the capture of Imphal, the capital of the hill state of Manipur Province and Kohima, with the principal intention of invading British-India’s eastern periphery of Assam.  
  The Central Pacific Theater  
  As the result of the Japanese shore battery damaging destroyer Nicholson (DD-442) the day before, Task Force 74, under command of Rear Admiral Victor A. C. Crutchley, and composed of the Australian heavy cruiser HMAS Shropshire, U.S. light cruisers USS Phoenix (CL-46) and USS Nashville (CL-43) and four U.S. destroyers, repeated the shelling of Japanese shore batteries and positions on Hauwei and Norilo Islands in the Admiralty Islands.  
  The Allied Campaign for New Guinea  
  Japanese shore battery sank the motor torpedo boat PT-337 in Hansa Bay, New Guinea. A PBY Catalina rescued the survivors on March 11.  
  The Air War over Asia  
  USAAF B-24 Liberators from the 10th Air Force mined the waters off Koh Chang harbor, Thailand. The mines sank the merchant cargo ship Juyo Maru.  
  The Battle of the Atlantic  
  The unescorted Panamanian Steam tanker Valera was torpedoed and sunk by the U-518, commanded by Oberleutnant zur See Hans-Werner Offermann, off Barranquilla, Columbia in the western Atlantic Ocean. Of the ship’s complement, 1 died and 34 survivors were picked up by a U.S. Coast Guard vessel. The 3,401 ton Valera was carrying heavy boiler navy fuel oil and was headed for Cristobal, Dominican Republic.  
  Naval Action in the Indian Ocean  
  The unescorted Norwegian motor merchant Tarifa was torpedoed and sunk by the U-510, commanded by Oberleutnant zur See Alfred Eick, about 250 miles east of Socotra in the eastern Indian Ocean. Of the ship’s complement, 3 died and 146 survivors. Some made landfall by lifeboat and others were picked up by the frigate HMS Avon (K 97). The 7,229 ton Tarifa was carrying general cargo, including phosphate, crude oil, and mail and was headed for Melbourne, Australia.  
  March 1944 Calendar  
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