Events occurring on Friday, May 5, 1944  
  Operation U-Go - The Japanese Invasion of India  
  In India, the British Fourteenth Army began extensive counterattacks in the Imphal area.  
  Naval Action in the Mediterranean  
  While escorting Convoy GUS-38 the destroyer escort USS Fechteler (DE 157) was torpedoed and sunk by the U-967, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Albrecht Brandi, in the western Mediterranean Sea. Of the ship’s complement, 29 died and 157 survivors were picked up by the USS Laning (DE 159).  
  The Southwest Pacific Theater  
  U.S. motor torpedo boats blockading the southeastern coast of Bougainville encountered five or more heavily armed Japanese barges. In the ensuing action, the barges and enemy shore batteries on Rantan and Bougainville caught the three PTs in a cross fire and sank the PT-247.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Spearfish (SS 190), commanded by Lt. Commander Joseph W. Williams, Jr., torpedoed and sank the 251 ton Japanese merchant Toyoura Maru and torpedoed and damaged the munitions ship IJN Mamiya in the East China Sea west of Kyushu, Japan.  
  The submarine USS Pogy (SS 266), commanded by Lt. Commander Ralph M. Metcalf, torpedoed and sank the Japanese army cargo ship Shirane Maru off Shionomisaki, Honshu, Japan.  
  The Imperial Japanese Navy  
  The appointment of Admiral Toyoda Soemu as Commander in Chief of the Combined Fleet was announced. Toyoda was appointed to the position on May 3.  
  The Pacific Theater  
  The submarine IJN I-155 was damaged in a collision with the fleet tanker/seaplane tender IJN Hayasui in Hiroshima Bay, Japan.  
  May 1944 Calendar  
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