Events occurring on Sunday, May 28, 1944  
  The Allied Campaign for Italy  
  The Canadian 1st Corps captured Ceprano.  
  With the exception of rearguard action from the German 14th Panzer Corps and the 51st Mountain Corps, German forces are retiring to the Caesar Line because of the threat to their rear posed by the U.S. 6th Corps at Anzio.  
  The Allied Campaign for New Guinea  
  The destroyer USS Stockton (DD 646) was damaged by shore battery, Biak Island, Schouten Islands, New Guinea.  
  Allied Submarine Warfare in the Pacific  
  The submarine USS Narwhal (SS 167), commanded by Commander Jack C. Titus, delivered a 23-man party and 25 tons of supplies to a designated point in Alusan Bay, Samar, Philippine Islands. A subsequent mission to deliver mail and pick up evacuees and captured documents at Sanco Point, Mindanao was abandoned when contact couldn’t be made with forces ashore for two consecutive nights.  
  The Atomic Bombs  
  The first test of the exploding wire detonator occurred, used to achieve precise, reliable simultaneous detonation for implosion.  
  May 1944 Calendar  
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