Calendar and Summary for November 1944  
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  Summary of Significant Events for November 1944  
  The Japanese began launching large balloons with bombs destined for the west coast of North America.  Belgium was entirely liberated from German occupation.  Franklin D. Roosevelt was reelected to an unprecedented fourth term as President of the United States.  Elements of the U.S. 3rd Army, under command of Lt. General George S. Patton, crossed the Moselle River around Metz.  British Lancaster bombers carrying special 12,000-pound bombs attacked and sank the German battleship SMS Tirpitz.  The oiler USS Mississinewa was sunk by a kaiten suicide torpedo at Ulithi Atoll.  Motor torpedo boats were relieved of patrol duty in the northern Solomon Islands by infantry landing craft gunboats and motor gunboats.  A German V-2 rocket hit a crowded Woolworths store in central London, England, killing 160.  Organized resistance by the Japanese on Peleliu ended.  The first Allied convoy reached Antwerp which was now operational after extensive repairs and mine clearing.  9 ships (28,280 tons) were sunk and 2 ship (8,284 tons) were damaged by U-boats during November 1944.  
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  The Atomic Bombs  
  Output at the Y-12 electromagnetic plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee output reached 40 grams of highly enriched uranium a day.
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